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Beach Island Tours

Beach Island Tours

Do you like the splashes of water? A sojourn near the shores and islands can make for a wonderful holiday. We organize regular Beach Island Tours to India and abroad. You can enjoy many water sports during the tour. You can have a thrilling round on gushing water with other water lovers on the banana boats. You can spend couple of hours every day playing volley ball on the soft sands, bare foot.

You can also enjoy other water activities such as water-rafting, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, seal walk etc. Those who like the idea of spending some days lazing on the shore and island can enjoy activities like brisk walking near the palm trees, sun basking, taking peaceful naps in the net couches tied between the trees etc. You can also enjoy camping on the island and spend night under the sky filled with stars. We are a Mumbai-based travel company and offer inexpensive tours.

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